2007 SMF International and Local Students perform at the Sullivan County Adult Care Center. Back Row: Fred Robertson, Family Council President - Pamela Hurley, Administrator - student - Robert Konvalin, Family Council Vice President - student
SMF Students Perform at the Sullivan County Correctional Facility

Community Outreach is a very important part of the Shandelee Music Festival’s philosophies and goals. SMF Outreach Programs take young artists to various venues where they play for, and discuss music with, individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a live classical concert. The Festival believes that part of an artist’s growth must include developing a sense of community and sharing with others.

Every year, the Festival presents Outreach Programs for middle and high school music students in the Sullivan County School District. Over the years, SMF artists have performed for over 2,500 enthusiastic young people. This extraordinary exchange includes performances of classic repertoire as well as question and answer periods, when Sullivan County students can discuss all aspects of music making and performance.

Other summer outreach programs have included performances at:

  • Catskill Arts Society
  • The Recovery Center
  • Catskill Regional Medical Center
  • Sullivan County Adult Care Center
  • On air interviews and performances on Radio Catskill WJFF
  • Sullivan County Correctional Facility
Catskill Regional Medical Center Performance – 2004 Alumni Laura Garritson
Alumni perform at Catskill Regional Medical Center during the Festival’s 10 year Anniversary Season. Back Row: SMF Festival Alumni, Brendan Nguyen (USA), Laura Garritson (USA), SuJung Sun (Korea), Julien Quentin (France) Front Row: Barbara Konvalin, SMF Director of Public Relations, Lana Ivanov, SMF Artistic Director, Jody Goodman, Sullivan County Legislator, and Mike Sakell, Sullivan County Radio Announcer
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